Intel Hadoop Distribution's web manager fails on low RAM systems, requires at least 3GB

Recently, we were testing out Intel's Hadoop Distribution (using intelhadoop-2.3+12961-en-evaluation.el6.x86_64.tar.gz) and ran into a problem when trying to get the web interface up and running.  The web interface is important because the Hadoop cluster is actually configured there.  The tarball is really sort of a bootstrap file and is meant to give you an initial web interface from which to create and configure the Hadoop cluster.

After what seemed like a successful installation of the "Intel Manager for Apache Hadoop," (untar'ing and executing the install file within it) you are supposed to go visit a web interface at https://<hostname>:9443.

The problem I ran into is that the page was never served.  My web browser just kept on "loading".

I also tried via the lynx program-directly on the machine that is supposed to be serving the web interface, this is all I ever got:

I thought I had misconfigured the operating system somehow... so I started from the very beginning and did the whole thing again.  That did not work.

After more tweaking of configurations, I realized that the server wanted more RAM.  I was using only 2GB.  I discovered that anything above 3584MB was sufficient; below this and you risk not having the web interface come up.

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